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My First Times

Since America is voting today and will either get the first female president or its first/last dictator supreme, I figured I would post about firsts. First times, first realizations, first loves.

One of my favorite things is to find out about how people became who they are. I love The People of Kink podcast because they get into how people came to understand that they were kinky.

So, dear reader, I would love you to chime in with stories of a first for you! Please do so in the comment section below.  ⇓⇓⇓⇓⇓⇓⇓⇓⇓⇓⇓

First kiss: I was 11. It was with Donovan Skirvan in a movie theater. We were watching La Bamba.

First BJ: 13, Roger Lewis, in a state park.

First time: 14, Roger Lewis, in a state park. It was actually really fun!!

First kinky experience: 13, Roger Lewis, handcuffed to a tree and fisted, in a state park

First real love: Catie Hembrow, college

First wife: Addie Compton (met in grad school)

First clue you might be kinky: Barbie would leave Ken in the Dream House and go on a date with Darth Vader. (5 years old)

First hint you were queer: 4 years old, saw Liberace on the Muppet Show and demanded piano lessons and a white fur coat so I could go join him and be a sidekick.

First Public Play: GAP anniversary party, Phoenix, AZ with Master J.

Thing you liked the first time you did it that was most shocking to you: Getting slapped in the face during sex.

First sex toy: 8 inch long, 3/4 in wide battery vibe, non-representational smooth pink from Good Vibrations in SF bought in 1991.

First kinky purchase/gift: Handcuffs from my bf at 13.

First kink porn: Pat Califia, Macho Sluts (a favorite to this day)

First porn video: Some gay porn thing with a bunch of white twinks, sophomore in college

Dear Reader, its your turn!!! Sound off below!

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