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Big Mini Massage Gun





UPDATE:  After charging twice, this item would no longer hold a charge. Only got about 7 hours of use of of it.

I was excited to get this massage gun for review. Not so much for its possibilities for sex, but for its massage functions.

The Unboxing

This massage gun is smaller than the giant ones being advertised on social media, which is a plus for me. I prefer the smaller size for several reasons (mostly more user friendly).

This is also a pretty item. I like the metallic green gun. Its sleek and comes in several colors so you can select a favorite.

The size made me doubt the power that this massager would provide. Most tools this size lack the ability for deep tissue massage.

The Specs

This massager is just 5.5 inches by 3.5 inches by 1.9 inches. It comes with four heads and an USB charger cord. The packaging is sturdy by minimal (always a plus on the Fuirre side). It has four levels of vibration.

It boasts it is "Quiet" although the specs do not offer a dB rating. When I used it, it was much quieter than my CPAP machine, rated at 27 dB. Indeed, this is a quiet toy.

The Review

I charged up the massager (it does not come charged, unlike many items) which took about two and a half hours. I tried the ball head on my hips and IT bands. The lowest vibration setting was great for breaking down my IT bands. I increased the setting to 4 to work on my gluteus medius and tensor fasciae and it was a dream! It penetrated deep into the areas I needed to work on and I may have moaned a few times.

I used the u-shaped head to work on my trapezius muscles and it was deeply relaxing. I then used it on my partner's neck and shoulders and he fell in love with it.

I was sent this item by the company to review as a possible sex toy. I'll be honest, the vibrations are powerful and deep. Even as someone who really enjoys a powerful vibrator, the intensity of this massager scared me off of using it on my clit. However, there are folks out there who enjoy much more intense clit stimulation than I do. If you have not found a wand massager powerful enough for your tastes, this is definitely an option!

Bottom Line

Pay more for one which will work for more than a few weeks.

For deep tissue and fascia release massage, I highly recommend this product. As a masturbatory tool, if you don't find the Magic Wand/Hiatachi models strong enough for your taste, this should do it for you!

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