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Butterfly Vibe

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Butterfly Vibe

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This skull-shaped external vibrator thrills every inch of my goth soul (even if my goth soul will not admit to being thrilled). Its super cute and goth-fabulous.

The Unboxing

Betty’s Toy Box ships fast! This arrived within 5 days of the order. With the current USPS situation, this is incredibly fast.

It arrives in a nondescript mailer (great for privacy). The vibrator is in the hard plastic casing common in packing but not great for the environment. When it comes out of the package, it looks just like it does in the pictures!

The Specs

The skull is covered in body-safe silicone and the eyes are plastic and embedded in the design. The overall length is 2.75 inches and the height is 2 inches. The toy comes with a USB charger. It is waterproof and fully rechargeable. There are ten vibration patterns available in the toy.

The Review

The vibrator operates with a button on the back of the skull. A single button allows you to cycle through three escalation vibrations and then an additional seven patterns. It works to hold the skull by the temples. Even fully lubricated, you can hold onto the skull by the temples.

I lubed up the vibrator and gave it a go. The vibrations are in the higher frequency range which results in a “tickling” feeling for me. Depending on your personal needs, the higher vibrations may be quite enjoyable. The vibrations are on the weaker side for a rechargeable vibe. For people who enjoy a light, tickling sensation, this will be quite enjoyable!

The skull is smaller. This made it fit fully between my labia lips. For people with larger labia, this will make it a bit of a challenge to maneuver it once it is on your clit. For people with smaller or thinner labia, this toy will be easier to move around and use. If using with a partner, and they have a thicker labia, it may be a bit challenging.

The toy is very easy to clean and recharge.

Bottom Line

People with smaller labia who enjoy a light buzz will really enjoy this toy. Folks with larger labia or hand/wrist movement limitations or injuries, this toy will be harder to use. This would be a good choice for people with vaginoplasties. This is a great toy for nipples and the head of a penis.

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