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Deluxe Sex Swing

Great for Back Problems!




Sportssheets Deluxe Sex Sling

Every woman over the age of 40 that I showed this too thought it was the most necessary and brilliant device! Here’s why.

It’s hard to see in this product shot, but this is composed of a neck pillow with two straps connected to ankle cuffs and two hand cuffs near the pillow. The pillow is put around your neck (like a pillow you use on a plane) and strap your ankles in, it allows you to keep your legs up in the air with no need for core strength, hip flexibility, or joint pressure! You can totally relax and enjoy your intimate time!

The Unboxing

This was shipped from Betty’s Toy Box and arrived in about 10 days- a great delivery time with the currnet delivery crunch in the U.S. It arrived in a white mailling envelop for discression.

The Specs

This is made with a combination of Velboa fabric (microfiber), polyester fill, and plastic hardward. Since this isn’t insterted into the body, the fabrics and plastic are safe. You can clean by rinsing with warm, soapy water as needed.

The ankle cuffs fit a huge range of sizes. I am a bigger bodied person and the cuffes were comfortable with plenty of room to spare. They also could be closed much more tightly. The same is true for the handcuffs. The straps to the ankle cudffs are adjustable. I have a 34″ inseam and when fully extened, the straps allowed nearly full leg extension. When cinched, the straps could be positioned between a full leg extension and holding my knees by my ears. This is a great range for the item!

The Review

This is one of the best neck pillows I have ever used! I used to travel several days a week for work and had a range of neck pillows for the plane. This pillow is the most supportive I’ve used.

I attached the ankel straps and adjusted them to keep my legs elevated at about a 55 degree angle. When I laid back, this device took all the stress off my lower back and hips. I could lie comfortably on my back, legs in the air, with no joint pain or muscle stress.

I have a severely damaged spine. I have compressed disc in my lumbar region which have developed into a ‘S’ scoliosis curve. I have spondylitis at the iliac crest of my hips (bone overgrowth). This means I have constant lower back pain. Keeping my legs up during sex is an enjoyable position but one I can’t sustain for a long time because of pressure and pain. This sex sling fixed those problems! I could lay back and enjoy getting oral sex without constantly shifting my legs. Woo hoo!!!

The cuffs and pillows don’t hold in too much heat so I didn’t sweat while using.

The one area that could be improved in the security of the stitching where the cuffs attach. With moderate pressure, the stitching starts to give. Don’t try to roll into another position without removing the cuffs to prevent stitch pulls.

Bottom Line

If you or a partner have any back, hip, or joint issues, this is a must buy! The ability to lie back and enjoy sex without trying to adjust for back pain makes all the difference in the world when it comes to enjoying positions on your back with legs in the air.

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