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Double ended Body Tickler

Serious BDSM




Double Ended Body Tickler

This is a chain flogger with a stainless steel handle which doubles as a butt plug.

The Unboxing

This flogger arrived in a white shipping box for discretion. It ships from overseas and took a bit longer than two weeks to arrive.

The flogger is very shiny and I appreciate the contrasting metals. The site offers four colors for the chain options.

The Specs

The flogger measures 17.33 inches long, evenly divided between the handle and the chain. It ways just over a pound.

The handle is stainless steel. The chains are a lightweight metal that is not specified on the site or the box.

The Review

I tried this flogger in several different ways. The chains can be brushed lightly over the body. The sensation is light and sensuous. The chains can be warmed (in hot water, with a heating pad) or chilled to add heat or cold to the sensations. Warm chains feel lovely while cold chains are more biting.

The flogger can also be used for impact play. The chains are light and smooth, giving a light thudy sensation when they land. When splayed out while throwing, the chains can cover a wider part of the body for a nice slap.

The handle can be used as a butt plug. Stainless steel is not flexible. The handle is also wider than many entry level butt plugs. Go slow, use lots of lube. Steel anal plugs feel bigger than a silicone plug of similar size. It is pleasurable for people who like anal penetration.

Metals are great materials for sex toys. It is easy to sterilize and clean, you can add heat or cold for temperature play, and it holds up.

Bottom Line

For folks who enjoy either intense anal penetration or light chains for impact, this is a solid choice of a toy.

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