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Satisfyer Lust from The Secret Solutions


The Secret Solutions is a new small business in England dedicated to creating a space where sex and desire can be discussed in an open and sensitive manner. They carry a range of toys, including the Satisfyer Lust. This is a small vibrator with powerful suction and vibrations for various body parts.

The Unboxing

The Secret Solutions send their items in discrete tyvek mailing packaging. When this showed up, I thought it might be my online medication due the same day. No way for the neighbors to know I was getting a fun little toy.

This vibrator comes in a small (recyclable) pink and white box. It includes the vibrator in a stay-fresh pouch, a charging cord, and a small sheet of instructions. I appreciate the minimal packaging, although I wish the stay-fresh pack were made out of recyclable material.

This is a super cute vibrator! It looks almost like something you might get your Barbie. While I am not always a fan of pink sex toy, the bright pink on this small vibe works for me.

The Specs

This sucking vibrator is made by Satisfyer, which does a great line of intimate toys. It is covered entirely in body-safe silicone, it comes with 10 vibration modes, and is waterproof. This comes with no charge and took just over an hour to fully charge with the included USB cord. It is just over 4 inches (10 cm) in circumference at the widest point on the handle and 5 inches (12.7 cm).

The Review

OOOOHHH, boy! This is a fun toy! The size and different levels of suction and vibration make this a very versatile toy. I tried it out on nipples, clit, taint, and the neck. There was a level of suction which worked best on each body part. The experimentation was a great amount of fun!

If you are looking for a clit vibrator, this is a definite piece to consider. It is made for clits on the smaller size. For some trans women, this toy may be too small to use well on a clitoris. However, if your clit fits, this can be a great toy for intense clit stimulation.

The nipple was a great body part to use this on! My nipples are larger (they have been pierced twice) and the toy work well for me. For my partner (cis man) with smaller nipples, we needed to stay on the lower end of vibration.

The taint was an interesting sensation. I strongly recommend trying this while giving a partner a blow job to increase the intensity.

The neck did not work very well on me. However, for people who find this an erogenous zone, this toy might work well.

Bottom Line

This is a solid choice for a fun, versatile sucking vibrator. Support a small business in England and pick it up!

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