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Male Masturbator

Top Pick!




BigShocked Multifunction Automatic Male Masturbator

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I’ve reviewed other BigShocked items on this site and generally enjoy them. They are a manufacturer that pays attention to quality and detail. I decided to give their new masturbator a go.

The Unboxing

BigShocked sends items in discrete packaging. So discrete, in fact, that I thought this was the package with my new summer tops when it arrived.

The masturbator comes in a large black box which could easily be topped with a bow and used for gifting to your favorite person with a penis.

The toy itself looks like a thermos. Between the yellow and black coloring, size, and cap that could totally double as a drinking mug on a hike, this would be at home in most construction worker tool boxes. You could through this in with you Ryobi tools and people would not bat an eye!

I like that the designer went for a strong yellow and black combination and the overall practicality of the design. I also liked that his is a utilitarian approach to the insertable part; no weird mouth or faux pussy lips. So many masturbators look like anime-children parts its upsetting. This toy does away with that for a simple clear silicone cover with a hole.

The Specs

The masturbator is just over 10 inches long widht an insertable length of almost 6 inches. The widest part for insertion is 3.8 inches. It is light ta 1.5 pounds. It comes with a suction cup, earbuds, USB charging cord, and a replacement silicone sleeve.

The sleeve is silicone and the outer case is ASB plastic, making this toy safe to use and put a penis in! It comes with a lithium battery that takes about 90 minutes to fully charge.

The masturbator has both a multifunction thrusting option and an multifunction rotation option. This allows a user to customize the sensations they most prefer.

The video (right) will give you a sense of the rotation and thrusting action, especially if you notice how much it moves my hand around while in use!

The Review

My ever-willing counterpart gave this toy a spin while I ran errands one morning. He not only enjoyed this, he liked it so much we are keeping it! He has tried a number of masturbators for this site. They have all been gifted to homes where they will receive regular use since he was not going to use them again. This one is staying in the bedroom.

I was a bit concerned about the insertable length on this one. While six inches will easily accommodate most penises, my tester is a true 9.5 inches (not dating-app 9.5). While the sleeve did not cover his entire shaft, the combination of twisting and thrusting sensations were intense enough to bring him to climax.

He enjoyed the multiple settings for the rotations. The consistent spinning option and the option to spin in one direction and then reverse were particular favorites. The sleeve held his shaft tightly enough to provide great stimulation but was not too tight. The nubbly bits on the inside of the sleeve created additional sensations he enjoyed. Pictured on the right.

This was the first masturbator with a soundtrack he liked. He is a DJ and audio producer and very picky about audio quality. This soundtrack provides a woman moaning and talking (talking is rare) and her moans and words change with frequency and intensity. There were no weird looping skips either.

This is a winner for him (and therefore me as well!)

Bottom Line

This is well worth the $99 investment! A definite buy.

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