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Male Stroker

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Sohimi Male Stroker


Male strokers are becoming increasingly popular as sex toy purchases. I have reviewed several on this blog (here and here). The basic design is simple: a silicone pocket which resembles a vagina and either a vibrating or sucking motion. Like vibrators, the male strokers are becoming increasingly elaborate.


When this showed up my partner and I unboxed it together. We both immediately commented on how this toy looks like a radar gun or something out of a sci-fi fight scene. The angled handle is an interesting design choice. It’s angle makes the controls more accessible for shorter-bodied people.

A side note: my partner is a Black man. He and several of our other minority men friends have commented that the shape of this toy means it would not be safe to carry it outside the home. The idea of trying to get through TSA or a cop’s reaction to seeing it in car could be violent. This is more a recognition of the state of policing in the US than anything to do with the toy. However, if you are a person of color in the US, all my guy friends strongly recommend keeping this toy at home and never traveling with it.


It is a large toy overall. It measures 13 inches long with just over 5 inches of insertible length. The opening is 1.5 inches in diameter (circumference just under 4.75 inches). This will fit most penises.

The stroker offers ten vibration options with options 1-3 increasing in intensity and 4-10 varying patterns. There is also a “sucking” mode where the sleeve tightens around the length of the penis and then releases in varying patterns. The sucking and vibrating modes can be combined for a variety of sensations.

The toy comes with a pair of earbuds to listen to the accompanying audio loop. It also comes with its own cleaning brush/sponge.


This has been the best male stroker we have reviewed yet. It took about two hours to fully charge when we got it (comes with a USB charger).

There is a small bottle of lube which comes with the toy. We forewent that and opted for a personally preferred lubricant. We added lube to the inside of the toy as well as to my partner’s penis and gave the toy a go.

For my partner, the toy was a tight fit. It slid on nicely when he was flaccid, but as he became erect, the toy became quite snug. We recommend checking your own girth before purchase to make sure this toy will work for your size. While the insertable length is several inches shorter than his full erect length, there was significant stimulation even with the five inches available. The length proved to be much less of an issue than the girth.

He tried it with just the vibration, just the sucking and both modes together. Over multiple sessions he found his preferences changed with his mood and having multiple options for stimulation was a big plus.

The pocket is equipped with different ridge patterns on the top and bottom of the sleeve. My partner recommends trying the toy at a variety of angles to find the fit which suits your personal tastes. This also means you have a variety of options for stimulation.

He gave listening to the soundtrack a go. This is a better soundtrack than is available on other strokers we have tried. The voices are natural and close to what you get in a high-end porn video. The only complaint was that they are on a loop and as a DJ the cut of the loop bothered him. This will probably go unnoticed by most users. It did not bother me at all.

The earbuds which come with the toy are lower-end and simply hard plastic inserts for your ears. We recommend using nicer, more padded earbuds for sessions lasting more than few minutes.

Clean Up

The sponge/brush thing which comes with the toy is really useful for cleaning. We used warm, soapy water and gave it a scrub, rinsed and then let it dry with the opening on a towel.

Bottom Line

As male masturbators go, this is nicer than most we have tried. The construction and stimulation options provided a way to customize your needs. Additionally, even though this toy did not truly fit my partner (we have yet to find a stroker which does), the limitations did not prevent enjoyment. If you are looking for a solid male mastubator, we recommend the Sohimi Male Stroker.

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