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Mini Wand Massager

Good for People with Carpal Tunnel




Sedoll Mini Wand Massager


I generally enjoy wand massagers so I was thrilled to get to try this little guy! The biggest appeal of the toy is that the head moves into four different positions ranging from a 20 degree to 90 degree angle in relationship to the handle. This toy is also waterproof making it fun to use in the shower.

I have had a tough time keeping my arthritis pain down in my hands as of late. This mini wand had a huge appeal because it is both easy to hold and I can move the head into different angles making it easier to use when my hands are really still and sore. The head shifts pretty easily and with just a bit of pressure on the handle you can change the angle.

The soft silicone covering makes it easy to keep a hold of even when things get wet. This is a big plus for someone with limited hand strength and mobility. The speed and vibration controls are small buttons on the handle, increasing the ease of use while masturbating. I found the buttons easy to press but not so sensitive they changed with an inadvertent touch.

The toy is surprisingly powerful for being a mini wand charged off a USB cord. Normally these types of toys lack the oomph I need to come. While this is no where near as strong as the wands you plug into the wall, it packed enough of a punch to get me aroused and to orgasm.

It is waterproof which makes it great to enjoy in the shower (and I did). It comes with a carrying pouch and USB charging cord making it great for travel. This is much easier to thrown in a carry-on or overnight bag when you want to take a toy out of town than a full sized wand. The size and pouch will definitely make this easier to carry when I take off for a long weekend.

I used it one night with my partner as part of foreplay. We began with me using on myself and then he took over. We both really enjoyed the sensations of the buzzing on my clit (it also works on nipples and the head of a penis)! It was small enough to use on myself while we were going at it doggy style too.

As I was photographing it for this review his comment was, “We haven’t used all its functions. We should definitely try it a few more times so you have a complete understanding of it!” This toy is definitely going into the rotation.

The packaging is lovely. It comes in a pink box with a pink velvety carrying bag (similar fabric to a Crown Royal bag). The purple color is very appealing to me. Its easy to charge and easy to clean. I highly endorse this toy!

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