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Nipple Vice

Great for Big Nipples!




CalExotics Nipple Vices, Set of 2 $25

If you are a fan of nipple play/stimulation, vice style clamps can be a great addition to your toy box. These are from CalExotics.

The Unboxing

These were shipped from Naughty Betty’s. Naughty Betty’s, like thier sister story, Betty’s Toy Box has a great shipping record. These arrived within a week through standard USPS shipping (a big deal right now in the US).

The Specs

These clamps are made of metal and are nickle and phthalate free. They are waterproof and tarnish resistant. They are body safe.

The clamps open to 2 cm when fully open (just under one inch).

The Review

I am a huge fan of nipple play and enjoy intense sensations. Additionally, my nipples are on the larger size for female-bodied people. These clamps are great for folks like me! Where some nipple-clamp options are too small to be effective for people with larger nips, these clamps havea great range for various sizes.

The clamps took a bit of trying to get it figured out the way to get the open and closed. I have no internal sens of left and right (its a dyslexic thing), and remembering which way to turn the posts took a few tries to get it in order. After getting the hang of it, I fell in love with these clamps!

The vice style of these allows for significant nipple compression (which I enjoy). They stay on during play and don’t slip off even while under intenst play. They are also really sexy.

Bottom Line

For people who enjoy nipple play and nipple ‘torture’ these clamps are great option. For anyone enjoying nipple play with bigger nipples, these are also a great option for fit and function.

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