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Ouch! Tattoo Style Handcuffs

Must Have!

Naughty Betty's



Ouch! Old-School Tattoo Handcuffs

These cuffs are so cute! I had to try them.

The Unboxing

These cuffs were ordered and shipped from Betty’s Toy Box. True to form for BTB, they were shipped in a plain white mailing bag (very discrete) and arrived within a week.

The Specs

The cuffs are made of a combination of bonded leather, PVC, and metal. They are 5 cm wide and 45 cm long (2″ and 29.5″, respectively). The print is true to the picture on the website with super cute old-style tattoos.

The Review

The biggest question I had about these cuffs was, would they fit? I am bigger bodied and sometimes cuffs are too small for my wrist. These were plenty long to attach the velcro securely. I also tested them my partner, a 6’2″, 240 pound man. They fit him comfortably too.

These cuffs are great for play where you won’t strggle to release them. They are veclo closures with 2″ wide velcro straps. This means that they will hold for most play and are great if you don’t want to escape them. They are not suitable for suspension or any form of weight-bearing activity.

Using them for cuffing your partner’s hands together for a fun romp or part of a bondage scene is fun and they will hold. I really like that these are different visually than most cuffs on the market.

The cuff lining is soft and can be worn for an extended period comfortably. Both cuffs are equiped with a D-ring for clipping the two cuffs together with the enclosed metal link and clips.

Bottom Line

These are fun and really cute. They are great to use for everyday play. They come from a great shop. A must buy!

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