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Penis Pump

Read the Directions




Sohimi Penis Pump with Masturbator and Sleeve

"Help! I'm stuck!"

The first time my guy tried to use this penis pump was a bit less successful and more fear inducing than it needed too be. He didn't read the included instructions. He figured out how to start the pump but was unclear on where the suction release was, resulting in a small moment of panic (and then a lot of commentary on the dangers of white pussy to Black men).

First lesson then, read the instructions or at least figure out how release the suction before placing body parts into this toy. We had several more successful attempts using this pump after the initial mishap. Those are reflected in the rest of the review.

The toy itself is large. The tube for the penis is over 8 inches in length and the masturbator end adds another half inch or so. The blue pump part adds an additional 4 inches. This means the whole toy is easy to handle even if you are bigger bodied.

Despite the toy's large size we were concerned that my partner may not fit. He is more than 9 inches long when fully erect and has a significant curve. We were concerned that if he became fully erect that the curve would make the pump uncomfortable and he would not fit fully in the tube. We found that the pump was effective in giving him an erection, but not to his full length. The size of the pump proved to be a non-issue.

The pump provides significant levels of suction. The toy is designed with four levels for suction. We found the second or third levels to be plenty strong to create an erection. Don't worry abut over extending yourself or the toy. The toy has a feature where the suction draws a penis in until it is snug and then keeps the suction at a level to hold it there without pulling too hard on the penis.

My partner found the experience of watching the pump suck his penis into an erection "trippy." The tube is clear so he could see his dick go from flaccid to erect with literally the push of a button. After several uses the spectacle did not decrease for him. He did not, however, find it erotic.

Using the toy as a masturbator had less appeal. Watching his own penis in a tube was not a visual stimuli which appealed to him (there are plenty of men who this will be very appealing).

The toy successfully helps produce erections. It took less than a minute each time to get a solid erection in my partner. The pump did not produce enough of an erection to start sex for us. However, it did not produce a complete erection- he did not reach his full length or girth with the pump alone.

We found it best for producing a quick hard-on for a good romp. It sped up foreplay significantly. For people having difficulty getting erections or who take significant foreplay before getting an erection this toy will be useful. I doubt the claims of Sohimi that use of the pump will  increase your penis size doubtable. There have been no scientific studies which demonstrate regular use of a penis pump will enlarge a penis.

This is a solid choice for a penis pump. It will definitely get you an erection. It may not grow your penis, but it is effective as a pump.

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