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Pure Butt Plug

Top Pick!




NJoy Pure Pleasure Butt Plug

I love the look of NJoy toys. They are sleek and elegant. I also love the presentation in pretty boxes.

This is one of the few toys I happily paid full retail price for because I really wanted one! After reading other reviews I was pretty sure it would be worth the investment.

Yes, it was money well spent! There is a great weight to this toy (25 oz/ 1.5 pounds). The weight seems intimidating when you hold it. It feels amazing when wearing it. You don’t forget you have something up your bum.

That said, long term wear if comfortable. Both the shape of the insertable part and the base make this an excellent choice for long-term wear. I was even able to sit comfortably with it in, making this an excellent choice for wearing out to events or dinner.

The toy is stainless steel which is both pretty and practical. It is very easy to clean and sterilize (you can boil this plug to all germs). It also means you can immerse it in hot or cold water to add to temperature play.

The loop on the base is great for easy removal, even with lube covered hands (I can attest after removing it mid-sexy time with slippery fingers).

For anyone into butt play, this toy is a must! The range in size from small to “wow! that is LARGE” with the Pure Plug 2.0.

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