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Saffron Braided Flogger

Great Buy!




Sportssheets Saffron Braided Flogger

Floggers are a standard item in any kinky toolbox. Most provide a thuddy sensation and can be used from warm-up to intense impact, depending on the flogger’s weight, material, and design.

The Unboxing

This flogger was shipped from Betty’s Toy Box. As usual, they delivered it in a discrete white mailing packet and shipped quickly! With all the current mailing and shipping slow-downs, its great to have a source where you can reliably get toys within a week or so.

The Specs

This flogger is 24″ long overall. The handle is 7″ and the falls are 17″ each. The falls are braided with triangle tips. The tips make it a little easier to add some sting when throwing the flogger.

The flogger falls made of a combination of ABS plastic, Polyurethan PU (faux letter), and Nylon. The handle is of ABS plastic.

The flogger and handle weigh about 1.5 pounds.

The Review

Full disclosure, I love the feel of real leather and have a bias for it. That said, I have a ton of vegetarian and vegan friends who don’t want to play with leather toys and prefer vegan options. In terms of vegan leather, this is good quality. The flogger looks good in pictures and in person. The braided falls are tightly constructed, even, and have a nice light thud when they hit.

The tips are cut to add an extra sting to the flogger. They add just a small bit of sting. If you are expereinced with impact play or like really stingy sensations, this isn’t for you. If you prefer thuddy floggers with just a hint of sting, this toy will definitely fit that niche!

The flogger is light weight but still manages to throw nicely. It is constructed in a manner which makes landing your throws where you want them pretty easy to do consistently. The handle feels good in the hand (as far as ABS plastic goes). The beaded design means it moves easily and feels good in your fingers.

For warm-up or light impact play, this is going to be a good choice for folks looking for a vegan option.

The nylon in the falls means that this flogger is not going to be able to be fully sterilized. However, with it’s weight, you are very unlikely to draw blood. If you opt to avoid your partner’s drippy bits when using it, you should be able to clean it with Lysol spray and safely use it between partners. This makes it a bit more cleanable than suede floggers, hemp, and most leather floggers.

Bottom Line

For a good warm-up or light impact play flogger for vegans or vegetarian folks, this is a solid buy.

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