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Stainless Steel Butt Plug

Great for Beginners!




Stainless Steel Crystal Butt Plug

Levett  $30

Butt plugs are great toys in general. They can be used by any gender, any age, and almost anyone regardless of physcial ability. Finding a good starter model is important if you want to develop a long-lasting relationship between your bum and anal toys.

The Unboxing

This toy ships from Levett, a company based in mainland China. It took about three weeks with international shipping, which is average for shipping time from China at this point. It arrived in a plain package for discrete shipping.

The toy comes with a small velvet carrying pouch. When I opened the shipping envelop, the plug was housed inside the pouch. The pouch is a plus for me, since it makes for easy storage.

The Specs

This toy is made of stainless steel. This is a great option for bum toys since it is easy to clean and sterilize. There is a small "crystal gem" of an unknown material on the bottom of the toy. Since this isn't insterted into the body, it does not compromise the toy's body safe rating.

This is a small plug. It is 54 cm long with about 40 cm insertable lenght. It weights in at 59 grams (about 2 ounces). This makes it a great option as a starter toy. It also meets all requirements to be safe to put in your bum.

The Review

This is a fantastic toy! It is pretty. Its easy to use and comfortable. Its sits very comfortably between the bum cheeks. It works very well for a bit of extra stimulation during play or masturbation. It cleans up quickly and easily. Everything you want in a starter anal plug, this is great!

Bottom Line

Buy it.

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