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Under the Bed Restraint System

Easy Set Up!




Under the Bed Restraint System

Sportsheets Under Bed Restraint System is a simple restraint system designed to be placed under a mattress and stay tucked away until its needed. It is comprised of nylon straps which can be adjusted for length attached to faux leather cuffs lined with synthetic fur.

I gave this system a try to see if having a semi-permanent installation of restraints would increase spontaneous bondage play. I enjoy a bit of bondage, but getting the ropes out, making sure they are clean and rolled and ready to go is a bit of an undertaking. Sometimes I want to get tied up but don't want all the work. This seemed like a decent option.

The Stats

This system comes with a set of nylon straps with plastic clips to change their length. There is a center strap which runs the length of the bed and then four straps, two on each end attached to a metal ring, which connect the individual ankle and wrist restraints. The restraints themselves fasten with heavy-duty velcro. The cuffs are lined with a synthetic fur.


The online description says this system will fit any bed, and they are correct. I have a queen mattress and there is plenty of length left over to fit even a California King with a bit of room to spare.

The instructions suggest laying out the contraption on top of your mattress prior to installing. This is useful for setting the desired length of each strap before you have the mattress up and off the bed. 

Once you have the lengths set, simple lift your mattress up and lay out the system before returning the mattress. I have a memory foam mattress which is heavy, but even with this, it was quick and simple to install.

Once I had the bed made up again, I was able to tuck the cuffs away between the bed frame and the mattress so I didn't have random bondage gear lying about to trip over.

In Use

This system works for some light, spontaneous bondage. The cuffs fit a wide set of sizes However, if you are particularly small or very large, you may find the fit less than desirable. I wear a US size 20 and a US size 11 shoe and there was plenty of room in both the ankle and wrist cuffs for me and we could get a full wrap-around for each body part. Anyone smaller than a US size 4 or size 6 shoe may find this set up to be a bit large and easy to slip out of.

If you enjoy being tied spread-eagle on a bed, this system is perfect for that. The placement of the cuffs limits the positions the bound person may assume. Spread-eagle, doggy style, and if one is very flexible, in plow with the ankles cuffed but not the hands will work.

It does work for more spontaneous bondage so its a plus on the lazy nights for those of us into a bit of being tied up. However, the cuffs are a bit lightweight when it comes to restraint and can be pulled off by the wearer during rougher play. Replacing the cuffs with leather buckle cuffs makes the contraption more secure for bondage.

Final Thoughts

For a bit of light bondage, this system works. If you are role-playing a vanilla couple getting it on for a hot night, this is perfect for that role play!

I've used this a couple of times and then discovered what it was made for! I got a new puppy a few weeks ago. He is 12 weeks old and really into the chewing phase. He found one of the cuffs and started to pull on it. It kept him busy for a half an hour just tugging at it! He periodically rediscovers them and launches into an epic game of tug. Its really the best use for nylon cuffs.

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