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Unscented Water-based lube

Super Slick




Kailin Unscented Water-Based Lubricant

I am of the belief one can never have enough lube. Even if you are someone who produces a significant amount of personal lubricant, there is always room for just a bit more.

When I was in my 20s and 30s, my vagina produced a lot of lubricant. Even then I used extra for fisting, using toys, anal sex, and any time I used a condom. Now in my 40s and starting peri-menopause I find that I need a lot more lubricant than I did even five years ago. I still get really turned on and wet, but it is more important to add a little extra.

I am picky about lubricants. I have sensitive skin. Very. Sensitive. Skin. Many lubricants will make me itchy during or after use. I am also very picky about the feeling. I don't want sticky or tacky even with extended use. So I approached this new product with some skepticism. The price point alone gave me pause.

I was pleasantly surprised by this lubricant. It feel great between my fingers, slick and thick enough to have some lasting power. My partner confirmed it was unscented (I have totally lost my sense of smell).

I started trying it with some manual masturbation. It didn't take very much in terms of volume to last of a full masturbation session. It felt smooth, didn't get tacky or sticky, and lasted. This is the big trick with me. When I am by myself and just my fingers I have a difficult time getting wet. This means masturbation tends to take the most lubricant for me. Kailin lasted. Big plus.

I then tried it with a silicone dildo. I used a bit to lube up the toy and went to town. And... it was a solid lubricant. It get the toy nice and slick so it slid in all smooth and easy. I did need to add a bit about every 5 minutes, but that is decent lasting power for a water-based lube.

The next test was a fisting session. This requires the most amount of lubricant. My partner has large hands. I have a peri-menopausal set of lady bits. We lubed up and got started. We needed to add a bit about half way through our session, but it stayed slick. It did not get tacky or ball up like glue (a few lubes have done that), and it didn't drip down to my butthole. All big pluses!

This lube cleans off toys and hands easily with mild soap and water.

This is a solid lube at a great price.

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