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Upgraded Personal Wand Massager

Great Travel Option




Fuirre Upgraded Personal Wand Massager

This is Fuirre's version of the portable, USB charged wand vibrator. The wand has been one of the best vibrators offered for years. In general they provide a good bit of power in a design which is easy to use and generally pleasurable to a large range of folks.

This particular model meets my expectations for both power and charge duration for a portable wand vibrator. The vibrations are a pleasant rumble and there are ten different patterns. While I generally do not find the range of patterns particularly interesting or useful, the option of ten variations will offer a variety for your personal needs.

This wand has a few extra characteristics making is a good choice among the similar toys in this category. First, it is not Barney purple, white or black. The color is a pleasing deep blue. As someone with boxes full of purple and white wands, I appreciate the change in color.

Second, the silicone coating is smooth and almost velvety to the touch. This is a nice upgrade over the plastic handles of many wants. Additionally, this silicone extends over the entire toy making it waterproof (great for shower play!). Finally, the toy is very quiet which is great if you have roommates or others you don't want to tip off to your activities.

The one downsize for me is handle length. While the handle is probably more than comfortable for the average female hand, my extra large hands (I wear a 10.25 ring on my index finger and can palm a basketball) the handle was just a bit short. For larger bodies, this handle size might also pose an issue. However, for a couple's vibrator, this will work well for most play.

Overall, its a solid choice in this category.

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