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Water-based Lubricants

Strong Flavors

Lube Life



Lube Life Lubricants

Anyone who regularly reads this blog knows I am a huge advocate for lubricant! Use it for all sexy time stuff and it will always make things feel better. So I'm always down to try new lubricants.

The Unboxing

Lube Life ships quickly in plain packaging. Most folks will buy this through Amazon, although I recommend using the site and avoid Amazon when possible to support businesses and fight Amazon's monopoly for online sales.

The bottles are clear plastic and clear information on the labels. I generally enjoy label design for this company.

The Specs

I tried four different water-based lubricants from Lube Life. All of them provide a full list of ingredients on the website and their labels so that you can check for any potential allergens and problematic chemicals. Luckily, the water-based lubricants have a very safe list of ingredients.

In water-based lubes, the one ingredient some folks try to avoid is proplyne glycol. Lube Life DOES NOT use this. Instead they use propenediol, which is generally considered safer than proplyne glycol. This is a big plus in my book!

Their flavored lubricants use sucralose (Splenda) to sweeten them, thus avoiding issues with sugar on your tender bits. They use a nebulous "Flavor [Aroma]" for the flavorings in both lubricants I tried. This made the mint chip flavor safer and my bits did not tingle as they would have with mint extract or oil. Another big plus!

The Review

These are great water-based lubes! I tried each of them over the course of a week. They stay slick while in use and do not get sticky. They don't stain the sheets or lingerie. They definitely make sex with another person and with sex toys more enjoyable!

The mint chocolate flavor is very true to mint-chocolate. Think Baskin-Robbins mint chocolate chip ice cream when it comes to the flavor. The Cotton Candy is very sweet with no weird aftertaste (which is saying something because they use sucralose).

Bottom Line

These lubes are a great option to add to your sex life, whether it be a solo act or partnered. They are very affordable and Lube Life has a huge variety of options including water-based, silicone, and flavors.

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