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Can I collaborate with Love Letters To a Unicorn?

Yes! I accept a variety of collaborations. I accept sponsored blog posts, advertisement, I will do a toy/book/service review, and I write for other sites.

Will you review my sex toy or book?

Yes! I review sex toys and books in exchange for the item. If you have a toy you want me to review, please contact me and I will provide a shipping address. If you want me to review an eBook, please email me along with the eBook. If there is a physical book you want me to review, please email me and I will provide a shipping address.

I do not guarantee a positive review. My reviews are honest. If I love the item, I will shout it out! If I don't like the item, I tell people that too.

Do you accept advertisements?

Yes, I do accept advertisements in a variety of forms. I accept pop-up ads for items or services; banner and side ad spots are available; I also accept in-post links. If you are interested in advertising with this site, please email me with the type of ad you are interested in and the product or website attached to it. I will review the item or service and get in touch with you if it fits this site and what my pricing is.

Can I also advertise on Fat Chicks on Top?

Yes. Fat Chicks on Top offers mid-roll and end-roll ad spots. Spots are 15, 30, and 60 second options. Please provide me information on what you wish to advertise. I will provide a per-show rate.

Please note, I do not take ads for diet products, "health" or "weight loss" apps, services, coaching or the like. I also do not take ads for religious services or groups.

Does Auntie Vice teach classes?

Yes! I teach classes regularly with various kink education groups. You can find my current course offerings at If you want me to teach for your group or in a private session, please see for details and booking options.

I also provide private kink/BDSM coaching and book coaching. Information on these services can be found at

I would like coaching services.

Great! Please book an initial session with me through If you have not booked with me previously, please use code MyFirstTime for a free consultation.

What are your upcoming classes?

I keep an updated list of my events at along with ticket links.

Do you write for other sites?

Yes! I regularly write for other sites. This includes, SpicesofLust, Wellcelium, and a lot more. If you want to see a list of my writings, please check out

If you want me to write for your site, please email me and include information on the site name, the topic, length, and due date. I will respond quickly with an answer.

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