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12 Speed Triple G Spot Rabbit Vibe

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This toy earned the name of the “devil’s trident” in the house before I gave it a whirl. There is a lot going on here. Rabbit vibe for the clit. Vibrator for the vagina. Vibrating beads for the bum. It has you covered.

First, the name is awful! There are not three G Spots. Also, very few humans would have both a G-Spot and a prostate (often called the male G-spot). Even that is only two. So yuck to the name.

Visually, it is pretty cute! I kind of think this is the type of vibrator which would make its debut in a Dr. Seuss book or some Disney cartoons. The pink is really bright and happy. The rabbit actually looks like a bunny with two ears. When the vibrate is on and the two ears start buzzing, it is down right adorable.

I gave it a go. Toys like these tend to be very problematic for me for several reasons. First, they assume a straight sized woman. I am definitely not that! I am 6 feet tall, 330 pounds, and the distance between my clit and vagina, and vagina and butt hole are significantly greater than your 5 foot three, 150 pound woman.

Secondly, I have arthritis in my hands. This means toys without a significant handle or remote controls are difficult for me to use. This proved to be the same. Once the vaginal vibrator part was inserted, it was extremely difficult to operate the buttons for both their position on the toy and where they were positioned on my body.

The good stuff. The vibrations are strong! I love a robust vibration. This one is on the more powerful side of vibrations for a battery operated toy. In fact, this is the closest to a plug in massage in term of vibrations I have come across. This is a big plus for me! For those of you who prefer softer vibes, this may be a bit much.

The clit vibration with the bunny ears is great! I really enjoyed the sensation of the vibrating ears on my clit. The vaginal vibrations were also quite pleasurable. The anal vibrations proved to be a bit weaker. This is okay though since most folks prefer less intense sensations for their butt than their clit.

The down side of this toy was that I couldn’t use all the functions at once. I could use the vaginal and clit parts together. This left the butt beads just kind of lying on my crack. However, getting the rabbit ears and vaginal insert to work together for me required an angle which reduced the vaginal insertion depth to about 2 inches. This was annoying.

I could use the butt/vaginal combo together with the rabbit vibrating off in space, no where near my clit. However, once I got the beads in my bum and the vaginal insert in, I could not reach the buttons at all to change how the toy was vibrating. YIKES!

I enjoy the sensations of this toy separately and would love to see someone make one which actually fits a person of larger size. It also desperately needs a longer handle or a remote so that bigger folks and those of us with limited hand use could actually control this toy.

If you are a shorter, smaller woman, this may be an awesome toy. For those of you with bigger bodies in any way, skip it.

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