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3D Male Masturbator

Good Buy




$40 from HoneySx (five options)

I came across the  about a year ago and have been fascinated with them. This is a new approach to penis sex toys and I think the look super cool! This one is the Zen which has small wavy grooves along the surface. Tenga offers four other pattern options, including the polygon, the Pile (raised triangles), the Spiral, and the Modal (raised cubes).

The Unboxing
The Tenga 3D comes in a sturdy box. Inside is the Tenga sleeve mounted on a platform inside of a clear tube. The platform has a dowel used for drying the sleeve. The masturbator is made from an antibacterial elastomere. This material choice was made over silicone because it is much squishier and can be stretched over the penis and moved about. If this is washed after every use with toy cleaner or warm, soapy water and allowed to airdry, the manufacturer claims it will last up to 50 uses. The biggest drawback is, as this breaks down in a landfill it will release microplastics back into the environment- not cool. Although this is antibacterial, it cannot be fully sterilized so this is a one-person only toy. The feel is pretty great though! It is reminiscent of the old water worm toys I used to play with as a kid- soft, warms up with use, and squishy.

The Specs
The Tenga 3D 2.75 inches in diameter and 6.2 inches long before it is stretched out. It is made of antibacterial elastromere.

The Review
To use any of the Tenga sleeves, you start by removing it from its stand and turning it inside out so that the patterened side will wrap around a penis. Use lube! You will want to add a bit of lube to the inside of the sleeve before putting a penis in this.M y guy got aroused and when he was moderately errect (a semi-chub) he was able to slip the sleeve over his penis. The material stretched quite a bit, ultimately covering his full 9.5 inch shaft and could go another inch or so. The diameter also strecthed comfortably to slip around his shaft and head.He tried “polishing the nob” – rubbing the tip of his penis through the sleeve; stroking the entire length of the shaft; rotating the sleeve around his shaft as he stroked, and tried different levels of pressure. His commets were that it felt really good, especially as the lube warmed up inside. This made clean up really easy! Just finish, go into the bathroom sink, invert and wash. It was also nice to have a bit of material between his palm and his penis. Finally, this prevented the need to constantly reapply lube as it breaks down when just using a hand.

Bottom Line
This is a winner for male masturbation toys! 

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