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5 Foot Bullwhip


Strict Leather



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There is something intensely erotic about the snap of a bullwhip! That crack is both arousing and terrifying. A delicious combination.

This whip is from Strict and shipped from Naughty Betty’s. It is fantastic! Read more to find out why.

The Unboxing

This whip is shipped from Naughty Betty’s and arrives in a plain cardboard box. It is in a clear plastic bag to protect it while shipping. It smells delightfully of leather when it is removed from the bag and feels heavy in the hand.

The Specs

The total length of this whip is 78″ long with a 16″ cracker. It weighs just under a pound. It’s made of leather (feels like cow hide but not specified on site).

The Review

So yummy to the touch! This whip feels solid in the hand and is nicely balanced. It is easy to throw and makes an excellent ‘crack!’

I am normally on the receiving end of such whips, so I had to learn to throw this. If you are in the same boat, I recommend checking out the blogs and videos on KinkAcademy about whip safety, targeting, intensity and more!

Overall, this is a great whip! Strongly recommend picking it up for you or a friend (or both!)

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