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7 Frequency Thrusting Vibe

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Thrusting Vibe

For years one of things I miss with masturbation was the thrusting sensation. Today, there are a fair number of thrusting vibrators on the market so I decided to give this one a shot.

It is a relatively standard shape of a rabbit vibrator except for the accordion folds on the upper shaft which accommodate the thrusting action of this vibrator. It is not a pretty toy. It is functional. Probably better that most of this will not be seen during use.

The vibrations are actually substantial for a battery operated vibrator. There are multiple patterns of vibration for those of you looking for something other than a constant buzz. On a scale of one (phone on vibrate in your pocket) to ten (the original Magic Wand) this clocks in about a 6.5. This makes the rabbit ears a very pleasant sensation on the clit.

The thrusting mode was weird, honestly. I couldn't escape the sensation I had something mechanical working inside of me. I kept flashing back to a transvaginal ultrasound I underwent, and that is NOT sexy. The best part of the thrusting is if you turn it on, place the dildo on your bed, and let go, it looks like Beetlejuice riding a sandworm.

It is waterproof and easy to clean. The slight curve in the handle makes it easier to handle when my hands are hurting a bit from arthritis. Overall, this is a pretty mediocre toy. Not the best, not the worst.

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