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Almost Naked Personal Lubricant

Okay, not great

Good Clean Love



Good Clean Love

I had heard a bunch of great personal reviews of this lube. I wanted to love this lube. After all, it is 100 percent parabens, petrochemicals, GMOs, glycerin free and vegan! This sounded great for my super sensitive, quick to irritate naughty bits. Additionally, my local pharmacy carries it which makes it easy to pick up!

I picked up a small bottle, got it home and decided to give it a one-on-one review. I have a difficulty getting wet when I masturbate, so I squeezed about a bit (about the side of two peas) onto my fingers. It has a nice, slick feel and was promising! I started tickling the bean and within two minutes, the lube had dried up and I needed more. I added about the size of a quarter. This lasted me about five minutes and I needed more. So, using my fingers on my vulva and clit led to a disappointment in the time the lube lasted. I thought this was maybe due to my drier than normal skin, so I moved on.

I lubed up the head of my large wand massager. As with my fingers, the initial application was promising. I started working my bits and as with my fingers the lube quickly dried up. Sigh.

I then decided to try it with my partner the next time we got sexy. I tried it at the start of a hand job. This proved the most disappointing yet. I started with a good bit of lube (about what a man uses for shaving half his face). This gave us a whopping two to three minutes before it became tacky and less than five minutes to a completely dry hand job. Ugh!

Finally, I decided to give it a shot for vaginal intercourse. I get wet with a partner, however, as I enter peri-menopause I need a bit of lubricant to keep the vaginal skin from tearing. Good Clean Love was not adequate for this job.

Now, I have half a bottle of very expensive, very disappointing vegan lube sitting in my toy box. Take a pass on this one.

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