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Authentic Kink

Great Buy!

Princess Kali



I was excited when I found out Kali was releasing a workbook to assist folks in identifying their kinky needs. I have taken her classes and chatted with her on my podcast and love the way she thinks about kink.

Authentic Kink takes the reader through a guided journey to explore the psychological underpinnings of the kinky selves without being too “self-help-y” or overly technical. The book contains a ton of worksheets and exercises for readers to narrow in on what their needs and desires are when it comes to kink.

Her book helps the reader to distinguish between their own needs and desires and the need to mimic what they see as “kink” and roles in the kink community. I find this to be a remarkably useful exercise for kinksters of many levels of experience.

Her discussion about triggers and making a trigger plan is critical. After taking a class of her’s several years ago, I altered my own approach to trigger plans and after care based on several of her suggestions. I think most kinky folks will find this section of the workbook particularly useful.

The layout and graphics make the book accessible and fun. Despite the more subdued cover, the choices of fonts and graphics on the inside make it an appealing book to work with in hard copy.

The book is written for kinky folks of all genders and sexual orientations. There is not much discussion of either gender roles or sexual orientation and how that plays out in the kinky world. That is okay in a book like this though. This work is more for discovering your own kink rather than figuring out how the kinky world works.

I highly recommend this work as an addition to any kink library.

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