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Big Book of Orgasms v2

One Handed Read

Cleis Press



Bussel, Rachel Kramer (ed). (2022). The Big Book of Orgasms, v2: 69 Sexy Stories. Cleis Press.

This book is a fun volume to keep by the bedside. Brussel has curated 69 short stories for 69 opportunities for fun, one-handed reading. The characters include people of all genders, races, and ages. Some are very realistic ("For Research Purposes" could have been a direct report from my day to day) to fantastical. The sex is vanilla, kinky, and many shades in-between.

I read a lot of erotica. A lot. This collection brings together a solid representation of better erotic writers out there right now. While there are not many familiar names, Brussel has found truly solid writers for this collection. I also appreciate that while a few of the stories reflect the realities of the pandemic, including Brussel's own "Dirty Pictures," she does not fill the entire volume with stories of the current moment. This means the book will remain sexy long after we have shifted from our current version of managing the pandemic.

I also appreciate the variety of realism and fantasy options. As a writer and a queer, fat advocate, I know the need for representation of folks like me in erotica is important. However, I also love reading stories I cannot identify with in the least and letting the author take me on a short journey.

Finally, these stories are all quickies. Most are in and out of the action fast enough to turn you on but not so long as you will have to return to a story after you finish masturbating. I strongly recommend this volume for folks looking for a great collection of one-handed reading.

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