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Big Electric Wand Massager

Must Buy!




Big Electric Wand

I am developing a taste for Fuirre toys. I have reviewed others before and they got a great review. This wand was not a let down.


Fuirre toys ship with minimal packaging, which I appreciate. This wand came in a simple box and a bit of plastic wrap around the charging cord. That's it. A big plus for me.

The wand itself is LARGE. It is about the size of the original Magic Wand and makes an impression. This one is a deep black with a rose gold end. It is really pretty, to be honest. This toy makes an impression.


The wand is 12 inches long by 2.15 inches in diameter. The wand is covered in  black silicone with a matte finish. The USB charger comes with the toy and plugs in through the silicone. This makes the toy waterproof so you can use it in the shower, bath, hot tub or other wet places.

The toy offers three levels of vibration along with seven vibration patterns. The vibration frequency is deeper than most cordless vibrating wands.

The Review

I love this toy! I have tried a lot of wands. What I generally look for is a wand with deeper vibrations, something that is comfortable to hold for a longer period of time, something that keeps a charge, and something that is pretty. This wand meets all those specifications.

The vibrations are deeper and thuddy-er than most wands I have tried. This cordless one offers vibrations comparable it with plug-in wands of similar size. The patterns are  also better timed than most wands.

This wand is very comfortable to use. It's long handle means it is great for bigger bodied folks. The width of the handle is at a size which is comfortable for my arthritic hands to use. The weight, while substantial for a wand, is not too much for my wrists. Overall, this is a superior wand for folks with hand and wrist issues.

I used it several times of the past week. Both solo and partnered use proved to be very pleasing. When I used it with a partner in combination with fingering, it was the first time my G-spot caused me to orgasm!

I have had my G-spot stimulated in many ways over the years. It is generally very sensitive and direct stimulation is irritating to painful. This time, the deep vibrations in combination with G-spot stimulation made the spot work as I have heard about! Amazing orgasms!

Bottom line, this is a great toy! I highly recommend it.

UPDATE: 100s of toy reviews later, this is still the number 1 toy I reach for on a regular basis!

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