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Clitoral Stimulator





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This is a tiny, cute vibrator! Not as cute as I thought it would be. I was not careful when looking at the site and thought it came with the eyes. I am a big enough cheeseball that the silly eyes totally appealed to me! Alsa, no eyse, just a cute little vibrator.

I do mean tiny! It is just under four inches long and two inches wide. It is supposed to look like a hedgehog but looks more like a beetle to me. But that is unimportant (unless you really care if your vibrator looks more like a hedgehog than a beetle).

The size is very user friendly. I found it fit between my  labia lips comfortable. The power button is on the bottom (black) side of the toy. This also serves as the control for vibration speed and pattern selection. This presented an instant drawback. Because the toy is so small, you cannot change the vibration pattern without removing it from your clit.

If you tend to enjoy one single pattern throughout your masturbation session, this toy will work. If you are someone who wants to change it up, just be prepared to stop stimulating yourself as you cycle through to the next pattern you desire.

I am a big fan of clit suckers in general. I found the Sohimi Clit Sucking Vibrator to be a bit rough. The vibration was too intense for me on any pattern. If you are someone looking for intense clit stimulation and find things like the Hitachi Magic Wand to lack the power you desire you may enjoy the level of clit stimulation this toy delivers. Since I never use the upper end of vibrations on the Hitachi Wand, this was way too much for me.

The toy comes with a magnetic USB charger. It is made from a combination of materials.

The site write up for the toy says you can use it as a vaginal egg. I do not recommend this. The size will make it difficult for many folks with vaginas to easily retreive it when done.

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