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Custom Paddle

Great Buy!

Fun with Fetish



Get Fun with Fetish Toys

I love a good paddle. Custom is even better!

FunWithFetish (Etsy Shop) offers a wide-range of sex toys, including electrical play toys, vegan floggers, and geek-centrick acrylic paddles.

They made me a custom "Pam" from Archer paddle because I kinda want to have my ass beat by Pam.

This is a large paddle measuring about 8" long and 6" inches wide. The handle is an additional 4.5" long with a hole you can use for haning in your toy chest, closest, or anywhere.

This paddle packs a whopping THUNK that is both thuddy and stingy at the same time. It is a true heavy hitter.

Check out their wide range of toys or hit them up for a custom piece!

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