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Deluxe Wand Couple's Kit

Worth the Price!





I bought my favorite vibrator 29 years ago. It served me well for 23 years before finally dying. I found out the no longer made the model I had come to count on (and counted to cum on). I have been in search of a good replacement for it, but had not found a satisfactory replacement. Until now…

The LoveHoney wand is that replacement! I cannot say enough good things about this toy and the company. It works the way I want it to. It has great accessories. The company site features models who are not all size 0 22-year old white models. It’s pretty damn awesome.

The Unboxing

The toy arrived in two days through the mail in a standard cardboard box. The discrete packaging will be useful for those of you who care what your mailperson thinks about your deliveries. Miguel, the mail guy here, gave the doodles dog treats on deliveries so everyone was happy when the package arrived.

LoveHoney had enough protective packaging to ship the toys, but the packaging and inserts were minimal meaning less trash and less to recycle which I appreciate.

The order included the wand, a G-Spot Stimulator, and the Hummer attachment along with a carrying case. The wand and attachments are made of body-safe materials. The attachments are both medical grade silicone. The case is study and comes with a cute little lock.

The case was better than I had anticipated. I have cases from other toy companies. Often this is where people skimp in the sex toy industry. So many cases are flimsy, smaller than the dimensions promised or have crappy zippers. This one came with a significant zipper and is solidly constructed. I have been able to throw it into my weekend bag and take it on a trip without having it fall apart or the zipper break. The lock is cute but I probably won’t use it. I generally only lock items when I have to check them in on a plane because TSA steals stuff on the regular. The lock isn’t TSA approved so it won’t work for that. It would be useful if you lock for other reasons though.

The case also holds a lot for its size. I managed to get the wand, the hummer and G-Spot attachment, my favorite electrified butt plug, nipple clamps, lube and toy cleaner into the case without cramming. This is great weekender case!

The Review

The wand is awesome! The head of the toy looks big- like almost the size of a tennis ball. It is mounted on a flexible neck that attaches to the wand. This toy fits me very well. The head doesn’t feel overly large when I am using it. It looked like the size might be too much to handle, but in practice it fits really well.

The flexible neck keeps me or a partner from squishing my clit into smithereens. Even at the height of sexy playtime, the give in the neck helps moderate pressure on the clit. This is really useful for partners who get distracted in the heat of the moment. I have used other wands without the flexible neck and sometimes my clit just gets smashed into my pubic bone and detracts from the pleasure. That isn’t an issue with this toy.

I am a big fan of big sensations and this delivers. Even on the lowest setting the wand provides a significant buzz. I have used this toy multiple times now. Most of the time I don’t go higher than the medium setting because the vibrations are significant. The higher settings work when forcing multiple orgasms. As my body fatigues from multiple orgasms the highest setting allow for play to continue.

The first time I tried this was a typical masturbation session. It was late and I was tired but not falling asleep. It took less than 90 seconds to go from zero to orgasm which was both amusing and appreciated. Like most folks over 40, masturbation is often used as a precursor to sleep. Ninety second to climax and then roll over to pass out is greatly appreciated.

The Love Honey wand does make me climax quickly on a regular basis. It has taken a little time to figure out the push and pull of a section to keep me edging before I come when playing with a partner. This had been a fun process to figure out. The range of vibration levels and the fact that it makes me come quickly has been a fun addition for orgasm control play.

The handle is comfortable to use. I have osteoarthritis and lupus, both which cause significant joint pain in my hands and hips. Even on bad pain days the handle is comfortable to hold and manipulate.

I also appreciate the length of the handle. I am agender and have periods of significant body dysmorphia. During these periods it is hard to become aroused and acknowledge all my girly bits. The size and design of the toy allows a way to distance myself a bit from the constraints of my body.

I tried the G-Spot stimulator. I have never been a huge fan of G-Spot stimulation because for me it is often painful or uncomfortable. The attachment provides gentle vibrations to the G-spot without the pressure or pounding of a lot of other toys. Being able to insert something is also fun on occasion.

The other attachment I got was the hummer- an attachment for folks with a penis. My partner has been working his butt off the last few weeks so we haven’t gotten to try this out. It will be in my next review.

Bottom Line

This is definitely my new favorite toy. I will be going back to Love Honey for more toys in the future!

The Deluxe Couples Package is no longer offered. HOWEVER, you can get each of the components:

To get your LoveHoney wand click here. $120

Get your G-Spot attachment here. $25

Get your stroker attachment here. $25

Locking Case. $30

To check out other Love Honey products, click here.

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