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Didi Silicone Dry Pipe

Must Have!




Waxmaid Didi Silicone Dry Pipe

When you spend a lot of time tweeting about sex and weed, the universe rewards you with a penis-shaped pipe.

I was super excited to get this to try because I had recently smoked out of one of Waxmaid’s water pipes with friends in LA and loved it!

The Specs

This dry pipe is just under 6 inches (8 inches if you are a dude on Tindr) and made of food grade silicone. It includes a glass bowl to place your weed or other smokable material in.

The Unboxing

This is shipped in a discrete cardboard box. The packaging is minimal and recyclable, which is a plus in my book.

When I took out the pipe, I laughed because my inner 12-year-old was like, “hee hee, its a dick.” The colors are vivid and the pipe feels great to hold.

The Review

I love pipes to smoke out of, partly because I never mastered rolling a joint. They are easy and quick. The problem with most of my pipes is cleaning. While glass ones can be soaked in salt and warm water, all can be cleaned with pipe cleaners, it is a pain in the butt to keep them relatively clean.

Most of my smokeware is glass because it is both practical and pretty. The big drawbacks are keeping it clean and not breaking it when I am high. Silicone pipes and water pipes fix both of those issues! You can put this pipe in the freezer for a few hours, squish it to break off the gunk inside, and then throw it in the dishwasher for a very clean pipe without too much effort! Also, it is very hard to break this one!

I smoked out of it several times (hence, the delayed review). It is very enjoyable. There is a nice draw on it. The pipe feels good to hold and inhale from. The proportions are perfect for comfort of use.

Bottom Line

I am a huge fan of Waxmaid products after this and the pervious bong I tried from them. A definite buy!

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