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Doobie Anal Trainer Set




Doobie Anal Trainer Set


I wanted these so much I actually bought them for myself. This is a rare thing these days as the free sex toys flow like the river Jordon around here. But these, I didn’t want to miss!

The Unboxing

These cute butt plugs come from Good Vibrations. I love Good Vibes and their Vibrator Museum in San Francisco. If you are in the Bay, swing by and check out the crazy history of vibrators. If you are lucky, as I was, Carol Queen will be volunteering as docent. I highly recommend Good Vibrations as a sex toy retailer.

I ordered these from their site. They arrived in a discrete white mailing bag (for those of you not into broadcasting your purchases). Shipping was quick. I went with the cheapest standard shipping and the toys arrived within a week.

The three plugs are packaged in a hard plastic container. Its all very simple and unassuming.

The green color works with the weed theme. They are small and cute.


The plugs are made from silicone. Their base is much larger than the widest insertable point and in the shape of a cannabis leaf. They range form 2.5 inches to 4.25 inches in insertable length with extra length for the leaf which stays outside the body. Their circumference measures 2.25 inches, 2.5 inches, and 2.34 inches. Think pinky finger, index, thumb for reference.


The plugs were smaller than I had made them up in my mind. I wanted an anal trainer set because it has been a while since I have done butt stuff so I needed smaller plugs than I currently have. For me, the smallest was way too small to start off with. However, if you are brand new to anal play, the smallest will be great because it is about like getting a single finger in your bum.

The plugs are comfortable to wear for extended periods – something necessary for anal training. Add a bit of lube and they slide right in and say in place! You know you have something there, but it is not completely distracting. These are all big positives in an anal trainer kit.

The pot leaf design for the base is also a plus. I love weed culture and have a bunch of friends in the industry. This makes the design resonate with me. It also made me want to go find a good cannabis-based lube.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for an anal trainer kit these are a great option! If you are looking for pot-themed sex toys, these are also great!

Buy ’em!

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