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Double-ended Rose Sucking Vibe with Vibrating Stem




Playboy Petal Flicking Tongue Vibrator with Vibrating Stem


The Rose vibes were all the rage a few years back. This toy adds a vibrating stem to create a double-duty toy!

The Unboxing

Betty's ships this toy in a discrete package. It arrived with several others in a carbord box similar to Amazon shipping.

The toy is housed in a glossy white presentation box with a magnetic closure. Playbox is like several other companies in creating high-end packaging for its sex toys. This makes the toys easy to present for a present to others or feel like you got yourself something a bit special.

The Specs

This toy is just over six inches long and 1.8 inches wide at the widest point. The stem is metalic and the rose portion is made of body-safe silicone. The rose portion is a clit-sucking toy with nine vibration speeds/rythmns programmed into it. The stem portion works as a small vibe with the same 9 vibration/rythmns as found in the rose.

It charges with a USB cord included in the packaging.

It is waterproof and submersible.

The Review

I enjoyed both ends of this toy. The rose section offered a great selection of suction options. The gentle and medium suction options were the one's I preferred. The high suction will work well for people who enjoy intense stimulation. 

The stem vibrator was great for stimulating nipples and the head of penis. It allows for accuracy and a strong concentration of the stimulation. Using it on a partner by alternating between the sucking portion and vibrating portion was greatly enjoyed by my partner.

This is also a pretty toy. The rose vibes were promoted as "pretty" toys in general. The addition of the vibrating stem makes this go from looking like a buttercream rose on a birthday cake to something more elegant.

Bottom Line

This is a great two-in-one toy. For folks with limited space or budget, this is a great investment. It also has a variety of uses for all genders! It's a buy for me!

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