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Dual-end Flicking Tongue Vibe

Good Choice!

Playboy Pleasure Products



Playboy Dual-End Flicking Tongue Vibrator

At Betty's Toy Box $90


I was a bit skeptical about Playboy Pleasure Products. Often, big name groups who get into toy selling leave a lot to be desired in the actual products. They bank on people knowing the name and then skimp on quality. Luckily, this was not true for the Dual-End Flicking Tongue Vibe.

The Unboxing

Betty's ships in discrete packaging (this time was a manilla envelop). They ship quickly too! This arrived in less than a week through USPS.

The packaging is a slick white boxes with magnetic closures. The packing feels good, is sturdy, and is a clean design. It will work well if you plan on giving this item as a gift. The box includes the vibrator, a USB cord for charging, and a booklet with insturctions and suggested masturbation positions.

The Specs

This vibe is covered in silicone, making it waterproof. The toy is just over eight inches long with 3.75" insertable. One end offers a tongue-type "flicking" vibe and the other a standard wand-style vibe. It holds a 60-80 minute charge and can be recharged with the included USB. Each vibrating end offers 10 vibration speeds and rythmns. The tongue-end moves in a "come hither" motion.

The Review

This is a good combination of tools in a single vibe. For lighter sensations and more "oral sex" like feels, the tongue end is effective. Add a little lube to the tongue and settle in for a good time. I would recommend this to folks with a clitoris and vulva trying to get comfortable with recieving oral sex. The stimulation is close enough to the senation of someone licking your genitalia while you remain in control with solo play.

The wand end is great for those of us who enjoy the "old fashion" vibe styles. This was very reminiscent of the first vibe I bought in 1990! It has a good amount of power with the vibe but not overwhelming. Additionally, the vibrator is designed that even with moderate use, the vibrations don't make your fingers or hands go numb. As someone with arthritis in their hands and wrists, the gentleness was appreciated.

Bottom Line

This is a solid buy for a versitle vibe. The dual-function means you get a lot of toy for the price.

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