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Eco Bullet

Environmentally Friendly




Gaia Eco Bullet Vibe

This is a bullet vibe I can get behind! It is made of a starch-based biodegradable and recyclable plastic. That, right out the gate, is a huge plus! So many folks have a bunch of bullet vibes cluttering drawers after they stop working which either have to go into e-waste or the landfill it is just bad for the planet. Now, when you are done using this little bullet, just recycle it or toss it into the compost!

The Specs

This vibe is 3.5 inches long and .75 inches wide (pretty standard sizing). It comes in a wide variety of colors.

The vibe runs off of a AAA battery. It is waterproof. It has a single steady vibration speed that is turned on and off with a button on the bottom of the vibrator.

The Unboxing

Gaia stays true to their eco commitment by sending the vibrator in a small, recyclable cardboard box. It is a modern and clean design.

The Review

This bullet vibe has a strong, steady vibration. It can be used alone to stimulate nipples, clits, or other body parts. The vibration speed is pleasant and mid-frequency range. It works well in toys requiring a bullet vibe.

The starch-based plant plastic feels pretty much like most sex toy plastics on the market. In a line-up of mass market bullet vibrators I would be hard-pressed to choose this one out by feel.

Bottom Line

We all need bullet vibes for a variety of toys. Choosing one that functions well with a strong vibration and is better for the planet moves this little one to the front of the line.

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