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Fantasy Fetish Beaded Flogger

Adaptive Toy

Betty's Toy Box



From Betty’s Toy Box $37

There are a lot of floggers available for folks. They range for very poor quality to craft toys manufactured by experts. The feels range from thuddy to stingy, heavy impact to light. Depending on what you enjoy, you will want to seek out ones with specific qualities.

The Unboxing

Betty’s Toy Box ships quickly in plain packaging which makes these items very discrete to receive at your home. This one is packaged in a coated cardboard box with a plastic insert (this is not great for recycling, so a bit of a minus there).

The flogger is very lightweight, clocking in at 3.3 ounces. The metal handle feels similar to a 40-can for beer. The little hanging chain comes with a clip to detach it from the handle, which is helpful while using and for hanging.

The Specs

This flogger is made from alloy metals and polyester. The entire flogger is 23 inches long with about 6 of those being the beaded handle.

The Review

If you are seeking a very lightweight flogger for a bit of a warm up, this might work for you. I was not a fan of how it felt in my hand while using it. I enjoyed it a bit more on the receiving end. When used on the more sensitive bits (nipples, pubis) there was a bit of a sting which was quite pleasant.

For people with wrist or hand injuries or limitations, this could be a consideration. The low weight of it and the size makes it easy to hold and throw even with a bad arthritis flare (I had a big flare and decided to test it. I was still okay using it with severe hand arthritis).

Bottom Line

If you are looking for an introductory flogger or need something to accommodate carpal tunnel syndrome or arthritis, this should be considered.

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