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Fascinator Velvety Throw

Fantastic Addition!!!




Liberator Travel Throw  $100

Liberator Fascinator Velvety Throw  $145

Tired of having to choose who sleeps in a wet spot? Not fond of lube and other fluids on your sheets? Want something soft to roll about on when out and about for nookie while camping, glamping, or at Burning Man? Liberator has come to your rescue!

The Unboxing

The travel throw and bedsized throw are shipped from Betty's Toy Box in a discrete white bag. It ships quickly and arrived in less than a week.

The throws are packaged inside a sealed plastic bag. It is not very ceremonous, but this is a practical item and the packing is lightweight and designed to reduce shipping costs and protect in transit (which it did).

The Specs

The throws come in two sizes: a smaller one for travel and larger one for home use. The are velvety soft to the touch. The weight and the hem leaves them feeling luxurious. The throws are made of a waterproof microfiber. Throws can be machine washed in any temp (I found warm water got out any lubricant and other secretions on the one I tried). They hold up well in the dryer.

Sizes: 53" x 36" and 72" by 54" x 72"

The Review

Finally! I found a waterproof throw that feels great on the skin and does its intended job. Too many other throws feel crunchy or cheap. This feels luxurious. I used it under my bum, my knees, and my back. Putting it through the paces, it stayed put as well as my heavy quilt and never stopped feeling great!

I played with a partner who was a squirter and one who loves water sports. The throw performed beautifully when it comes to containing all bodies fluids. We were able to pick the throw up at the corners and drain excess liquid into the skin before throwing it in the washing machine.

The throw rolls up easily and can be carried in the average overnight bag, leaving room for clothing and a few toys.

Bottom Line

This is a great luxury edition for any toy bag! If you use a lot of lube, tend to produce a lot of body fluids, or want to have an easy clean up, this is a definite addition to the bag!!!

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