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Four Drink Minimum Lubes

Something Different




LubeLife Four Drink Minimum

Flavored Lubricants


LubeLife makes good lubricants all around. This new collection of cocktail flavored lubes is no exception. These lubes are slick, stay slick, and don't stain your sheets. These are all big pluses in my book!

I know some readers are adverse to flavored lubes. Either you don't like the idea of your bits smelling of something other than bits or you have had a negative experience with flavored lubricants in the past. I hear you, and stay with me. LubeLife has worked hard to make sure these lubes do not irritate your bits and that the smell washes away with a little mild soap and water.

LubeLife lists the ingredients for every product on its site. Yay! These lubes have no gluten, added sugars, propylene glycol or other irritants. I have very sensitive skin with irritates easily. After tryihng these lubes I will attest, there was no irritation and the lube was easily cleaned up post-fun with a shower.

This new cocktail line offers four flavors: Mai Tai (tropical flavor), Mojito (mint), Sex on the Beach (peachy), and Pina Coloada (pineapple coconut). The flavors are pretty true to what they are supposed to be with a bit of sweetness in addition. The only less than perfect feedback from my friends who tried them out was that they wished there was a whiskey or bourbon option for those of us who prefer a stronger flavored cocktail. Maybe with the next line of flavors. One can only hope!

These lubes will be a bit hit with the 20-something crowd! They also make for a fun addition for any role play involving picking up a bar tender!

Bottom Line

These are a solid buy.

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