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Golden Flogger





RoomFun Gloden Flogger

$29 through HoneySx

HoneySx sent me several items to try from their site. This has be my favorite of the group.

The Unboxing

HoneySx ships in discrete tyvek packaging from China. The shipping time is on par with most items being shipped from Asian countries these days, about 3 weeks.

This flogger comes in a simple white box (not recyclable in my area, a minus). It was more durable than it appears in the photos. While lightweight, the tresses were balanced enough for throwing.

The Specs

This lightweight flogger has a metal alloy handle and chain and and PU leather (the split or back part of the hide not used on fine leather which is then coated in polyeurathane). The entire flogger measures just over 12 inches long with just over 7 being the tresses. It weighs abotu 6 ounces.

The Review

I gave this a try solo and with a partner. It throws nicely for a lightweight flogger. It is thuddy when the middle of the tresses land and a little stingy when the tips land. On a scale of 1 (very little pain) to 10 (mind splitting pain) this weighs in at a 1.0.

It held up durning a couple of light uses. With the early wear patterns I suspect this will be done for in 3-5 sessions for most players if they are using it as the primary flogger. If this is a warm up or used as a lightweight warm-up toy, this will hold up for a few more sessions.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for an inexpensive flogger, are okay with manmade leather, and are okay replacing it on a semi-regular basis, this could work. If you have never tried a flogger and are looking for a gentle entry, maybe. Just don’t count on this holding up in your toy bag for long.

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