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Jasmine Vibe

Worth the Price




From Betty’s Toybox $70 + Free Shipping

I generally enjoy CalExotic Toys. They are high-quality sex toys designed with multiple genders in mind. The company is founded and run by a woman. Big pluses in this industry!

The Unboxing

The Jasmine Vibe was provided by Betty’s Toy Box, another great female-centric company in the world of sex toys. Betty’s ships their items quickly and in plain Tyvek envelops. This makes it quite discrete to receive toys at your home.

This toy comes in an elegant blue and gold presentation box (you can see the bottom of the box to the right. My 60 year old aunt with an arts background found it quite attractive as well!

The Specs

The toy is a new take on vibrators. The design has a head which can surround a clit or nipple and a little flicking tongue part for simulation. I was intrigued.

This toy measures 6.25 inches long and 1.5 inches in diameter. It is very comfortable to hold and I was able to use it at a bigger-bodied person. For folks with large bellies or limited arm movement, it may be a bit small. For the majority of users, this toy will work quite well. It also has a curve to it making it easier to use on a partner (see image on your left). I found myself able to easily position it on nipples of someone else without having my arm at a rakish angle.

It has ten vibration patterns/intensities, is rechargeable using the included USB charger, and made of silicone.

The Review

OOOOH! This works well. I loved the design of the little flicky tonge thing. While clit sucking toys are all the rage right now, I expect this design to become much more popular in the coming years [pun intended]. This toy imitates really great tongue-flicking oral sex.

It also is a great nipple toy! I highly recommend trying it in the nips of partners of all genders for a nice bit of stimulation. The various intensities and vibration patterns allow the user to dial in on exactly the kind of stimulation they need.

Bottom Line

This is a great addition to your toy chest!

For folks with vaginoplasty or metoidioplasty alterations, this toy may be a bit small for your clit. The head is 1.5 inches in total and there is about a .75 inches gap to accomodate a clit or nipples. Check your personal measurements before purchasing if you have had one of these surgeries.

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