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Jormagund – Aurora $53

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BigSchocked produces a large line of fantasy, alien, and animal based dildos. The Jormangund is from their fantasy line. It is based on the Jormangundr from Norse mythology. It is a mythical snake-like daemon and second child of Loki. Okay nerds, start salivating!

BigShocked uses very discrete packaging. Their items come in black boxes covered with white poly mailing envelops. Shipping on this item was a bit slower than normal, taking about two weeks to arrive. However, with the changes in USPS service, it could be totally based on USPS timing.

The Unboxing

The first impression of the dildo was it looks like a dalek from Dr. Who. I’m not the only nerd who saw the comparison. Multiple people noted the dalek-like appearance.

The Specs

The dildo, like most of the items from BigShocked is substantial. It is just over 8 inches long with a 7.28 inches of that as insertable. The diameter ranges from 2.12″ at the top of the dildo to 2.44″ at the lower end. It is also hefty. It clocks in at nearly two pounds.

It is also fairly firm for a dildo of this size. It is made of body-safe silicone. It has a hardness rating of 20-50, meaning it is close to resembling a gel insole.

The Review

I am a fan of large, firm, insertable toys. This one hits the mark! The variety of ridges and bumps makes is a very fun toy to use. It feels substantial going in and while in place. The weight of the item means the user never forgets there is a large toy in place. The textured surface keeps the vagina stimulated throughout a session.

The intricate ridges does mean that this toy requires a bit of extra cleaning. A soft toothbrush and mild soap works well to clean the toy. A lesser dildo would not justify the extra cleaning, but this one does.

Bottom Line

Good buy for people who like bigger toys.

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