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Kegel Weights





Acvioo Kegel Weight Set

Kegel exercises are recommended for strengthening the pelvic floor for people with vaginas. Over time, doing kegels can help reduce or eliminate urinary incontinence. If you leak a little urine when you laugh, have had a baby, or generally have a weak pelvic floor, Kegels are a great way to reduce issues.

If you need instructions on how to do Kegel exercises, the Mayo Clinic provides a great guide. Click here.

Kegel weights are not so much to build strength as you would with lifting weights with your biceps, but to help you locate the right muscles as you exercise. There are various versions of the weight sets.

The Unboxing

This set comes in a simple box with minimal extra packaging. This is a plus. They ship through Amazon.

The weights are the bright pink that is favored by off-brand sex toy manufactures. The weights feel light and smooth.

The Specs

Acvioo provides a solid version of Kegel weights. This set comes with two weights, one weighting 47 grams and one weighing 94 grams. These are solid weights with an attached loop for easy removal. The third item is a remote controlled vibrator which can be used internally or externally.

All three insertable items are covered in a soft pink plastic substance (not medical grade silicone). The remote is a hard plastic. the set comes with a charger for the vibrator.

The Review

I have done my Kegels for several years now. I know so many women my age who leak urine when they laugh and I am big on preventing that. So far, so good.

The weights are easily insertable. The simplest way to insert is to place one leg up on your bed or other raised platform, cover the weight in lube, and slip them in similar to OB tampons. Both the single and double weights insert easily.

The weights help with locating the correct muscles for the exercise. If you have had problems isolating the correct muscles, weights will help. The weights are also easily removable with the plastic loop on the bottom of them.

The vibrator has the power of your average vibrating egg. If you like this level of vibration on your clit, the vibrator will work. Simply choose the vibration pattern of your choice with the vibrator before use. Changing the vibration pattern during use is less accessible than a vibrator with a control switch on the toy.

I found the vibrator to be annoying, like a tickling sensation, when inserted. However, some people may find that pleasant.

The items are waterproof allowing you to use them pretty much anywhere.

Bottom Line

For an inexpensive Kegel weight set, this is a solid choice. I prefer a silicone coated item for safety and health reasons. The vibrator works for clitoral stimulation but did not work for internal stimulation in my case.

This is a middling product.

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