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Large Toy Box

Must Have!

Betty's Toy Box



Large Toy Box from Betty’s Toy Box

Like so many sex ed professionals, I have an organizational/office supply fetish. Keeping stuff well organized in great bins and cases is such a delight! And now that I have a ton of stuff I take to classes and play parties, having a way to easily transport them is important. So, I bought myself the Large Toy Chest from Betty’s Toy Box.

The Unboxing

Betty’s ships this in a cardboard shipping box, very discrete. It ships through USPS, so it was slow only because USPS is slow with the holidays. It still arrived within 10 days, which is pretty good right now.

The case is large and quite attractive. It actually blends in visually with all the cases my partner has for his DJ equipment and musical stuff he transports. It looks professional and sturdy.

The Specs

The case is 15 inches wide, 8 long, and 7 high. It has two three-diget dial locks which you can set to your own preferred code. It is lightweight (just over 2 pounds) with durable metal hinges and hardware.

The Review

This case met all my organizational fetish needs! It opens and has a thin raised tray for smaller items like nipple clamps, cock-rings, and condoms. The wide lower compartment holds a ton of stuff! I packed it for a play party and got everything but my large impact toys into this case.

If you happen to travel with sex toy/kink items, either to play parties or as a regular part of travel, this case is a MUST. Having everything accessible, lockable and organzied is great. It is also really useful around the house. I can now keep stuff in my bedroom and not worry that my young nephew will be playing and run into unsecured toys which would then necessitate an awkward conversation.


Use code: AUNTIE for 10% off your order at Betty’s Toy Box

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