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Learn the Ropes Kit

Great Gift!

Betty's Toy Box



$50 from Betty’s Toy Box

I am skeptical about kits. Many are a combination of low-quality kits but this was provided by Betty’s Toy Box, so I decided to give it a try.

The Unboxing

Betty’s Toy Box ships quickly and uses plain boxes for shipping so it is all very discrete. This kit comes in a lovely, high-quality black presentation box (not pictured) and would be excellent for gift giving is you add a bow.

The kit contains a finger flogger, safety scissors, a blindfold, and a skein of rope. It also includes a small instruction kit for rope tying and safety (not pictured). The manufacturer has taken pains to match the shades of black on each item which makes this feel luxurious.

The Specs

This is manufactured by SportSheets, a solid toy producer. Each item is made from a combination of synthetic materials.

There is 6 feet of rope. The blindfold is 9.25 inches with two head straps. This made it comfortable for me (a big-headed human) to wear. For very small headed folks, you may need to tie a small knot in the straps to make it stay on during play.

The finger flogger is 20″ in length. The safety scissors are 6″ and standard for the item.

The Review

The instructions and safety information is great for people who have never tried rope. It includes how to do an effective wrist tie to limit mobility of a partner. The safety scissors perform well, matching the ones I picked up at a pharmacy for my first aid kit. The blindfold is effective without being uncomfortable. The flogger produces a lovely, bit thuddy impact. The rope does not burn when they are removed quickly.

Bottom Line

This is a great kit to get you started with bondage. For people looking for a great way to introduce their partners to rope/bondage, I would suggest picking up this kit, adding a bow, and presenting it to them as a gift.

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