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Lipstick Vibe

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Passion Parties



Passion Parties Lipstick Vibe


Passion Parties is pretty much tupperware for sex toys. The company is a Multilevel Marketing set up (pyramid scheme) that gets people (mostly women) to try and sell a bunch of their products at “Passion Parties” in people’s home.

I avoid Passion Parties toys as much as possible. I take issue with a company which has such a potential for sending their sales people into significant debt for the products. Additionally, most passion party representatives have no sex education training and are unaware of important issues when it comes to making and selling sex toys.

A while back a woman who was performing with me gave me this product as a gift. It was a sweet gesture. Honestly, I wish it was a real lipstick in this color.

The vibrator is disguised to look like a lipstick so you can hide it in your purse or bedroom and not let on you have a sex toy. I get that. Some people aren’t ready to admit they enjoy sex toys to other people.

The vibration is weak. Very week. Honestly, your battery powered electric toothbrush will provide much more stimulation. Sticking my phone in my pocket and setting it on vibrate would provide about as much stimulation.

Skip it.

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