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Magic Massager, Recharagable

Great Price

Adam & Eve



Frequent readers of my reviews know I review a lot of wand massagers. There is a good reason for this: they are great toys! You will also know that I am picky when it comes to making a differentiation between a good wand and great one.

Adam & Eve sent me their Magic Massager to review so I gave it a go.

The Unboxing

This wand is full sized, 13 inches long with a 2.25” diameter silicone head. The material around the end of the wand and the buttons is a rosy gold, which is nicely set off against the white of the wand. It is lightweight (just under a pound). It comes with a USB charger and pink sleeve for carrying/storing.

The Specs

This wand is 13 inches long and the handle is 5.25 to 5.5 inches in circumference. The head is covered in a smooth silicone and 2.25 inches in diameter. The head is on a neck joint which allows freedom to change the angle between the head and the handle, making this toy very adjustable.

This wand is highly adjustable offering 10 different vibration settings and patterns, and each of the settings/patterns can be increased and decreased in intensity.

It charges in about 3 hours and holds a charge for up to 2 hours.

The Review

I gave this wand a couple of goes: one solo and one with my partner.

The solo go was great! The wand’s handle is long enough to comfortably hold even for bigger bodies. In fact, many of you readers have looked for wands with longer handles to accommodate a bigger body size or limited mobility. This wand is a great option as it is longer than many on the market.

The wand is also lightweight. In comparison to the other full-sized wands on this site, the Magic Massager is lighter and easier to handle for extended use. If you have arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, or other hand or wrist issues, this is your best bet for a full-sized wand massager for extended use.

The head is large, like other full-sized wands. This makes it great for use beyond your clit. It also works well on testicles, the perinium, or nipples.

The large number of vibration patterns and intensities means this wand provides a wider range of stimulation effects. The wand is controlled by the stimulation level by three buttons on the handle. These are easy to reach and use while in the moment- no hunting and pecking to try and change the vibration level.

The second go was with my partner. We found it easy to use while I was on my back. It worked to intensify G-spot stimulation while he used his hands on me, which is a new favorite of mine. In doggie-style, we found the wand a bit too intense for his testicle. When he bumped the head, the vibrations I was enjoying proved to be too much for him. Of course, this will vary with your own needs.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a full-sized wand for bigger bodies, folks with arthritis or other hand and wrist issues, and one which is great for travel, check out this Magic Massager by Adam & Eve.

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