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Metal Handle Anal Plug





Metal Handheld Ball Anal Plug


The Unboxing

This toy was sent to me at the same time a number of other shipments arrived. When I opened it, I totally thought it was a BDSM impact toy. When I checked my list, I saw it was listed solely as an anal toy. I was all, “Whaaaaa???”

I used it for both purposes.

The Specs

This toy is made of stainless steel and comes in three sizes. Both the length and the size of the ball differ with each size.

The toy has three parts: Handle/anal bead insertable end; springy mid-section; ball.

Stainless steel is a favorite material of mine when it comes from sex toys. It is easy to clean and maintain. It also lends itself to temperature play.

The Review

This is intense as an anal insert. Steel is unyeileding. This is large for most folks starting anal play. So, use lube and go slow! Once in, the steel feels very pleasurable. The extended springy handle moves easily meaning there is a lot of motion and pressure inside your bum when you move.

This toy is very reminiscent of a door stop. If your partner has any cat-like aspects to them, the desire to play with the ball end while you wear it may prove overwhelming. This is sometimes a good thing.

I tried the ball end as a G-Spot stimulator. That works well too! Again, the steel is very enjoyable and the pressure as the ball rubs over the g-spot is a winner!

I tried this toy as an impact toy as well. This is an incredibly intense toy! The springy middle allow the ball to gain a lot of momentum with very little effort. On fleshy body parts (buttocks, thighs) this toy deliverys a deep and painful thud. It is agreat for heavy masocists! You should avoid using it on areas without much padding (hips, chest, arms) as it may cause deep bruising and possibly damage bones.

Bottom Line

If you are a heavy masocist or you have a partner whos is one, this is a must buy! This toy has multiple uses and is made of stainless steel which is a great material for sex toys.

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