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Microthin Condoms

Top Pick




Kimono Microthin Latex Condoms

Variety Pack (3) $10

24 pack “Sensitive Latex” $21

Condoms are a necessity if you are sleeping around! While IUDs, the “pill” and other female birth control will stop pregnancy (mostly), condoms are much more effective at preventing disease transmission.

The problem with most condoms is, they suck. From the feel, to the smell, to the stopping and putting it on, there are lots of reasons not to love them. However, not getting an unwanted burning sensation in my bits or, you know, a life-altering infection, makes them worth it!

What makes for a good condom for me is:

  1. It works/does not break or leak

  2. Its comfortable for the person with the penis

  3. It feels good for me

  4. It doesn’t smell funky

Kimono ultrathin latex condoms have been my choice for more than 20 years. They have also been preferred by most of my partners with penises. They are comfortable, the feel pretty good when in use, and there is no funky smell. Also, unlike other brands, I have yet to have one break or slip off- the biggest plus for me!

If you are not sure you (or your partner) will like them, try the 3-pack with a variety of options. If you are pretty sure this is a good choice, go for the 12 pack!

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