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Neck Corset Harness with Stuffer Gag

Super Sexy!

Naughty Betty's


66 $66

This is one of the sexier gags out there!

The Unboxing

This item is shipped from in a plain brown box. It is packaged in a plastic envelop. This is minimal packaging.

As is consistent with and their sister site,, the shipping is fast and reliable.

The Specs

This gag is made from leather and metal studs. The neck laces down to 14″ at the smallest and losens to fit most neck sizes. I have an 18″ neck and it fit comfortably with at least an inch more to spare.

The two side straps are adjustable, allowing for a large range of customization. The gag is pictured on my phrnology model skull whic is about the size of an 8 year old’s head. This gag will fit a huge range of people.

The stuffer gag is inside the neck piece and is 2.5 inches long. See the picture, to the right.

The Review

This is a hot gag from start to finish! It unlaces at the back and slips over the top of your head. The two straps in the front run along either side of the nose. The corset come up over the base of your nose and the head straps adjust to keep it in place. The lacing at the back and be tightened down to hold it in place.

The stuffer gag fits inside your mouth. You can breath easily while in the gag. However, the stuffer leads to lots of drooling. This can be quite enjoyable in the right circumstances.

The corseted stuffer gag is really sexy when worn. It can be removed easily when desired (just untie the lacing and slip off). The neck corset is comfortable and smells of yummy leather. Upon sending pictures of it on to several kinky friends, I got enthusastic “Mmmmmmm” replies.

Bottom Line

This is one of the sexiest gags out there. It fits a wide range of people, is comfortable, and well made. A must buy!

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